Strategic Priorities


As stewards of the public trust and resources, the Board of Supervisors works to maintain and improve the quality of life for all County citizens, discover the ways the Board of Supervisors plans to accomplish their goals. In order to do this the Board of Supervisors will:
    • Develop leadership and resources necessary to ensure and sustain EXEMPLARY PUBLIC SAFETY functions.
    • Facilitate QUALITY EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES for all County citizens.
    • Facilitate QUALITY ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT that is sensitive to community character and the environment.
    • Institutionalize EFFECTIVE and OUTSTANDING COMMUNICATIONS and CIVIC ENGAGEMENT opportunities amongst and between the Board of Supervisors, citizens, boards and commissions, and County staff.
    • Instill EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE as an organizational value, expectation, and outcome.
    • Protect and respect the County’s natural and built attributes through balanced and cost-effective ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP.