Parks & Recreation Advisory Board



The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board serves as the advisory body of the York County Board of Supervisors on parks and recreational matters; as a liaison between the Recreation Manager, Director of Community Services, the Board of Supervisors, and the citizens of the community. This board is responsible for consulting with and advising staff and the Supervisors on policy matters, progress, finances, acquisitions, and long-range plans. For more information, contact Parks and Recreation at 757-890-3500.
CHAIRMAN:  Fred Bowers


Name Position
Address Phone Number
District Term Expiration
Fred Bowers Chairman 102 Shanna Court
Yorktown, VA 23692
503-3192 District 4 December 31, 2024
Lucas Brown Vice Chairman 102 Overlook Road
Yorktown, VA 23693
804-557-4220 District 5 December 31, 2022
Tonney Kaw-uh Member
Email Tonney Kaw-uh District 2 December 31, 2024
Alison Manternach Member   Email Alison Manternach District 4 December 31, 2024
Vacant Ex-officio Member
898-0300 School Division
Vacant Member

D'Shawn D. Wright Member 415 Dorothy Drive
Yorktown, VA 23692
876-2069 District 3 December 31, 2022
Rotating Members York County Youth Commission