Human Resources


The Human Resources Department is responsible for the maintenance of the pay and classification plan; the development of personnel policies and procedures, employee relations, and the administration of employee benefits such as hospitalization, retirement, life insurance, and unemployment. The department is also responsible for the County's training program, the drug and alcohol testing program, and assisting with matters concerning employee safety.

Our primary responsibilities are employment and recruitment. All opportunities require an on line application. If you are experiencing problems with the website or the application process, please call our office immediately for assistance. If your problem occurs after normal business hours, please call the next business day.

Applying For Employment

Step 1 - Getting Started

Before you start, you will need: A computer with Internet access. Human Resources has one computer available for use in completing the online application. Public computers are also available at the York County Libraries.

You will need a valid email address. An email address is required in order to establish your account. If you do not have an email account, free email is available through providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail. You may also wish to review the information and documents listed below. Some documents may require the Adobe Reader.

Step 2 - Create Your Account

To access the online application, you must first create a user account with a username, password, and email address. To do this, you may visit the User Account link, or the Online Job Application website.

Step 3 - Complete Your Application

Once you have created your account, you will then be taken to the Create Application page. Be prepared to spend 30 minutes or more completing the application, but you may save and return to it later. Be sure to include all education and work experience, and answer all questions at the end of the application. At the bottom of the application, you may also upload attachments such as a cover letter and resume. For help creating your application, please refer to Page 3 of the NeoGov Online Employment Application Guide (PDF).

Step 4 - Apply for a Current Position

Once you have completed your application, log out and return to this webpage. View the Online Employment Opportunities page. Review your application carefully and answer all questions before certifying and submitting your application. The application is the primary tool used to evaluate your job qualifications and incomplete applications may be rejected.