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The switchboard is open Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm.
The main number is 757-890-3787. 

To reach a specific staff member, view the directory here. 

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If you wish to apply for benefits, please take advantage of doing so online at www.commonhelp.virginia.gov, or calling the toll-free number 1-855-635-4370.

Please ensure you list a valid phone number to be contacted. SNAP and TANF require telephone interviews at this time.

If you have verifications that are necessary to drop off, please consider doing these electronically through your smart-phone, tablet, computer, scanner, fax, etc., to avoid person-to-person contact, or placing the documents into our drop box located by the main entrance to the building. If you take a picture of a document, please make sure it’s clear and legible. If you do not have access to electronic options, please call the main number at 757-890-3787 and someone will assist you.

EMAIL documents to: benefit.programs@yorkcounty.gov

FAX documents to: 757-890-4980

FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit Program
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced that the $3.2 billion Emergency Broadband Benefit Program will launch on May 12. The program will provide a $50/month ($75/month on tribal lands) subsidy for the cost of internet service for select individuals for 6 months. The list of Virginia's participating broadband providers can be found - here. Eligible households can sign up for the program directly through their broadband provider or online.  For more information and to sign up, visit the program website - https://getemergencybroadband.org/

A strong community is not only concerned about bricks and mortar, but also about the quality of life that is created by and for all of its members.

York-Poquoson Social Services provides a broad array of human service programs for county residents who have:

  • Educational
  • Emotional needs
  • Financial
  • Health
  • Social

The department serves on the front line of intervention, assessment, service provision, and/or referral to appropriate agencies and organizations in the York County/Poquoson area.


Services listed in this website are either sponsored by the Virginia Department of Social Services and/or local Initiatives. The Services are divided into three categories of programs:

Apply by Phone:

Medicaid: 1-855-242-8282

All Programs: 1-855-635-4370

Apply Online


Board of Social Services

The Social Services Advisory Board will meet virtually at 9:00am on Wednesday, May 19, 2021.  Citizens wishing to join the meeting virtually or telephonically should contact Tedra Collins at 757-890-3932, by no later than 10:00am on May 18, 2021.

 The next meeting of the Social Services Administrative will be July 21, 2021, at 11:00am. 

The Advisory Board meets on the third Wednesday of each month at 9:00am in the EOC - Downstairs Conference Room, 301 Goodwin Neck Road. If necessary, the Administrative Board will meet immediately following the Advisory Board Meeting.

The Department of Social Services is administered by the York County Administrator and the City Manager of Poquoson (hereby referred to as the Board of Social Services). The Board’s primary responsibilities are to administer the duties of the Code of Virginia 63.2: providing child welfare, adult services, and financial benefit programs to the citizens of York County and the City of Poquoson. The Board of Social Services appoints the Local Director. The Board also prepares and submits an annual budget to the local governing bodies along with other reports.

The governing bodies of York County and the City of Poquoson appoint citizens to serve in an advisory capacity to the Department of Social Services (hereby referred to as The Advisory Board). This citizen board is comprised of 5 members from York and 2 from Poquoson. The primary duties of this Board shall be:

  • To interest itself in all matters pertaining to the public assistance and social services needed by people of the political subdivisions served by the local department;
  • To monitor the formulation and implementation of public assistance and social services programs by the local department;
  • To meet with the local government officials who constitute the Board of Social Services at least four (4) times a year for the purpose of making recommendations on policy matters concerning the local department;
  • To make an annual report to the governing bodies, concurrent with the budget presentation of the local department, concerning the administration of the public assistance and social services programs; and
  • To submit to the governing bodies, from time-to-time, other reports that the Advisory Board deems appropriate.

Social Service Public Law 63 1, 1953:

  • Provides that all information relating to assistance and services are confidential and shall only be provided to persons having a legitimate interest.
Interested in a career working for York-Poquoson Social Services? Employment opportunities can be found by visiting the Virginia.Gov website