Clerk's Office Duties

The Clerk's Office for the Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court of York County is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. We are located on the second floor of the Courthouse.

Because of confidentiality laws, the Clerk's Office can provide limited information about a case. There is a public access terminal in the lobby of the Clerk's Office where information on adult cases may be obtained.

The Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Clerk's Office is responsible for processing all case papers, for maintaining court records, and providing information to people involved in a case (to the extent permitted by law). While court personnel are not permitted to offer legal assistance, they can provide general procedural information.

What the Staff Can Do

  • We can explain and answer questions about how the Court works.
  • We can give general guidance on how to fill out forms.
  • We can give you some information from your case file.
  • We can provide you with samples of Court forms that are available.
  • We can tell you what the requirements are to have your case considered by the Court.
  • We can usually answer questions about Court deadlines

What the Staff Cannot Do

  • We cannot change an Order issued by a Judge.
  • We cannot give you legal advice. Only a lawyer can give you legal advice.
  • We cannot give you an opinion about what will happen if you bring your case to Court.
  • We cannot let you talk to the Judge outside of Court.
  • We cannot recommend a lawyer.
  • We cannot talk to the Judge for you about what will happen in your case.
  • We cannot tell you whether or not you should bring your case to Court.