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Executive Order Requirement to Wear Face Covering While Inside Buildings
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Updated: 1/28/2021

In the Supreme Court of Virginia held at the Supreme Court Building in the City of Richmond on Tuesday the 19th day of January, 2021.


Under the constitutional, statutory, and inherent authority of the Supreme Court of Virginia, the Court unanimously EXTENDS the Declaration of Judicial Emergency through February 14, 2021, and ORDERS that the provisions of the Fifteenth Order Extending Declaration of Judicial Emergency In Response To Covid-19 Emergency, entered December 18, 2020 (Fifteenth Order), shall continue to apply in all courts of the Commonwealth for the duration of this Order unless amended by future order.

This Order shall be in effect from January 25, 2021, through February 14, 2021. Accordingly, the Period of Judicial Emergency now extends from March 16, 2020, through February 14, 2021. The Declaration of Judicial Emergency may be extended for additional periods as provided in Va. Code § 17.1-330(E). It is so ORDERED.

The court and security personnel shall direct such individuals to contact the clerk’s office by telephone or other remote means to inform the clerk of their business before the court so they may receive further instruction regarding alternate arrangements for court access. See the Judicial Emergency Order.

All courts and security personnel shall continue to take reasonable measures to prohibit individuals from entering the courthouse if they answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, as currently recommended by the Virginia Department of Health:

a. Are you experiencing:

i. A new fever (100.4°F or higher) or a sense of having a fever
ii. A new cough that you cannot attribute to another health condition
iii. New shortness of breath or difficulty breathing that you cannot
attribute to another health condition
iv. New chills that you cannot attribute to another health condition
v. A new sore throat that you cannot attribute to another health condition
vi. New muscle aches (myalgia) that you cannot attribute to another health condition, or that may have been caused by a specific activity (such as physical exercise)
vii. A new loss of taste or smell

b. Have you had a positive test for the virus that causes COVID-19 disease within the past 10 days?

c. In the past 14 days, have you had close contact (being within six feet for a total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period, or having direct exposure to respiratory secretions) with someone with suspected or confirmed COVID-19?

*Please contact the respective Clerk’s Office for any questions related to any upcoming dockets.

Persons needing to transact any business with the Clerk’s Office should utilize our website or the telephone numbers below:

Deed /Land Records Division 757-890-4103

Criminal / Traffic Division 757-890-4104

Civil Division 757-890-4105

Fiduciary/Probate Division 757-890-4106

Any other Miscellaneous Transactions 757-890-3360

  • Drop-box: There is a drop-box located in the courthouse by courthouse security for Criminal Filings, Civil Filings, Land Recordings, payments, and any other correspondence. *Please do not submit cash.  The drop-box will be checked periodically throughout the day between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on Friday.

*Please note that the sheriff’s deputies at the front door cannot answer any questions about any of the document that are being dropped off.

I, along with my staff, appreciate your patience and understanding and we remain dedicated to providing the highest quality of service possible during this pandemic.