Vehicle Registration

York County Vehicle Registrations (formerly Vehicle Decals) are due on June 25th annually and are billed with Personal Property Taxes. Supplement Bills are due within 30 days of the Bill Date. View important dates for current supplements and due dates.

Ways to Pay

New residents

New residents have 60 days to register vehicles with the Commissioner of the Revenue. Vehicles will be subject to a prorated tax.

New Vehicles

New vehicles must be registered with the Commissioner of the Revenue within 60 days of purchase.

Relocation/Disposal of a Vehicle

Please notify the Commissioner of the Revenue, if your vehicle has been relocated out of York County or disposed of. Vehicles may be eligible for a prorated tax.

Vehicle Registration Fees

Item Fee
Car, Truck, Bus $23.00
Active Duty Non-Resident Military No Fee
Antique Car No Fee
Motorcycle $15.00
Trailer/Living Quarters $23.00
Trailer/Rented or Leased $23.00
Trailer over 1500 pounds $15.00
Trailer under 1500 pounds $6.50
Purchases after September 15th Half Price