Online Payments

Please note that due to nightly maintenance, online services are unavailable between 12 midnight and 4 a.m.

  • An email address is required to make payments online.

Note Departments

  • Personal Property Tax - PP2020
  • Real Estate Tax - RE2020

Quick Reference Guides for Online Payments


Payments will be applied to the most Delinquent Account. Penalty is 2% if paid within the month due. The penalty will increase to $10 or 10% , whichever is greater, but not to exceed the amount of the tax on any remaining balance. The penalty is calculated separately for each taxable item. Interest is accrued at an annual rate of 10%.

****In accordance with York County Emergency Ordinance 20-13, certain delinquent 2020 taxes have a reduced penalty of 2% until September 30, 2020 (or as long as the ordinance remains in effect as approved by the York County Board of Supervisors.

Additionally, certain taxes have a reduced annual interest rate of 2% until September 30, 2020 (or as long as the ordinance remains in effect as approved by the York County Board of Supervisors).****

Taxes are considered late the day after the due date.

Paying by eCheck

  • There is no fee when using a checking account to pay a bill (Allow 1 to 4 days for debit to occur.) Please note that multiple transactions with the same banking information will be combined.
  • Make sure all bank information is accurate. If an ACH Number (PDF) is listed on your check, please use that number instead of the usual Routing/Transit ABA number listed at the bottom of the check. The ACH Number (PDF) is a specific number that financial institutions use to process electronic transactions. Please do not copy and paste! 
  • Do not use Savings Accounts, Deposit Slips, Money Market Accounts or Credit Card issued Convenience Checks! Personal/Business Checking Accounts Only!
  • Businesses, if you are paying from a commercial account with controlled disbursement, debit block, and or account reconciliation, your bank will not accept the payment. To make a payment online you must email a request to the Treasurer for the County of York Company ID and add it to your Financial Institutions ACH Fraud Control List.
  • If your payment is returned unpaid, you authorize us to make a one-time electronic fund transfer from your account to collect a fee of $35.

Paying by Credit Card

  • Only MasterCard and Visa accepted.
  • As approved by the York County Board of Supervisors, Emergency Ordinance 20-13, provides relief for citizens including the waiver of credit card fees effective May 1, 2020

Business License & Consumer/Excise Tax

Please contact the Commissioner of the Revenue at 757-890-3383.

Dog Tags/Pet Licenses

  • Pet Owners must email the Treasurer or fax 757-890-3439) a rabies certificate to the Treasurer before a dog tag will be mailed. The Treasurer must have a current rabies vaccination on file.

Utility Bills

Utility Bills must be paid by 5 p.m. on the due date to avoid a late fee that will be applied to the account on the next business day.