Steering Committee Members

Steering Committee

The Comprehensive Plan Review Steering Committee is formed to oversee the plan review process.  Committee members meet on a regular basis and receive briefings from County staff and to review materials relating to the plan review.  The Committee is tasked with assisting in gathering public input and providing feedback on the draft Comprehensive Plan, ensuring that citizen opinion is considered and included.  Upon completion of the review, the draft Comprehensive Plan will be forwarded to the Planning Commission for its consideration prior to the final step - presentation to the Board of Supervisors and, ultimately, adoption of the new Comprehensive Plan: Charting the Course to 2040.

Name Position Address Phone Number
Michael S. King, AICP
Planning Commission
103 Fairfield Drive 
​Yorktown, VA 23692
Montgoussaint E. Jons
Vice Chairman
Planning Commission
122 Drew Road 
​Williamsburg, VA 23185
Sheila L. Myers District 1 Representative
102 Montague Circle​   
​Williamsburg, VA 23185
Gregory "Skip" Brooks District 3 Representative
310 Tides Run 
​Yorktown, VA 23692
Eugene D. Seiter District 4 Representative
214 Denise Drive  
​Yorktown, VA 23693
Richard J. Myer, Jr. District 5 Representative
102 Wicomico Turn 
​Yorktown, VA 23693​
W. Chad Green Board of Supervisors P.O. Box 3
Seaford, VA 23696
Leigh Houghland Business Community Representative
101 Bowstring Drive 
​Williamsburg, VA 23185
R. Anderson Moberg Economic Development Authority 800 Link Road
Yorktown, VA 23692
Jacob Rizzio Youth Commission    
Cowles "Buddy" Spencer Development Community Representative 110 Mid-Atlantic Place
Yorktown, VA 23692
Mark L. Bellamy, Jr. Deputy County Administrator
P.O. Box 532 
​Yorktown, VA 23690