York 2040 - Charting the Course

April 4, 2022

A number of citizens have expressed concerns during the Comp Plan review process that there has been too much growth and development in the County in recent years. This is a natural reaction when we see trees giving way to houses, apartments, shopping centers, and parking lots. Most of us, if given the choice, would like to live next door to undeveloped woodland that will never be developed – but unless you own that land, don’t assume it will always stay that way.  Read on...

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Code of Virginia
Comprehensive Plan Elements
Average Annual Population Increase
Major Trends and Themes

Draft chapters that are completed have been made available here for citizen access. Chapters included to date are Broadband, Demographic Profile and Projections, Economic Development, Historic Resources, and Transportation. Read them here….Draft Chapters

A professional research company conducted a public opinion survey to support the development of York County’s Comprehensive Plan. The overall objectives for this study include:Survey Results

  • Identify key priorities for the Comp Plan
  • Identify the level of resident support for potential Comp Plan initiatives
  • To the extent possible, interpret results according to various demographic factors

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