York 2040 - Charting the Course


York County’s Comprehensive Plan is the long-range plan for the County’s physical development. Required by the Code of Virginia, the Plan addresses land use, transportation, housing, public facilities, environment, etc., and must be reviewed every five years.  Citizen input is a crucial component of this review process, and the formation of a Steering Committee allows for a formal flow of information and collaboration among citizens, stakeholders, and staff.  This committee will oversee the review process, studying information and data, collecting and reviewing citizen input, and working with staff to develop the County’s updated Comprehensive Plan, Charting the Course to 2040.

Call to Volunteer:

The Board of Supervisors is actively recruiting five citizen volunteers who will represent each of the County’s election districts on the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee. The Committee also will include representatives from the Board of Supervisors, Planning Commission, Economic Development Authority, Youth Commission, and staff.  The Steering Committee appointments will be made by the Board of Supervisors, and committee work will begin in summer/fall 2018 and is expected to continue through the spring of 2020.  Over this time, members of the Steering Committee will be expected to attend meetings on at least a monthly basis and several community meetings.

Proposed Process and Timeline for the 2040 Comprehensive Plan