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September 3, 2021

By Gail Whittaker, Public Information Officer

On September 1, the Comprehensive Plan Review Steering Committee held the first of two meetings held to gather public input regarding the Plan, specifically the land use portion of the document.  Held at Bruton High School, over 50 citizens attended the session, which was considerably more than prior public input events (not counting the committee’s appearance at the Market Days event in 2019, which saw a few hundred people stop by to chat about the Plan).  The next public input session is also on a Wednesday – September 15 – from 7 to 9 p.m. at Tabb Library (100 Long Green Blvd.).  So, why is the land use portion so important? Read on...


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York 2040 Slide and Web Graphic Sept 15 mtg

Comprehensive Plan Review Committee Seeks Your Input Press Release (Read here...) 

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Comp Plan Process

Proposed Process and Timeline for the 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Meet the Committee

Meet the Steering Committee

Youth Commission Gets Involved in the Process

Youth Commission Gets Involved

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