York 2040 - Charting the Course

Weigh Anchor and
Set Sail for 2040
(Comprehensive Plan Review process is underway)

By Gail Whittaker, Public Information Officer

Welcome to the Ship’s Blog – the official online journal of the Comprehensive Plan Review Steering Committee. As the members of the committee work to gather citizen input and review the draft plan – Charting the Course to 2040 – we will update this blog to keep you informed of where we are in the review process, what we’ve heard from the public about the vision for York County in the next 20 years, and the perspective of committee members regarding the importance of citizen participation.. Read more...

Ship's Blog

Comp Plan Process

Proposed Process and Timeline for the 2040 Comprehensive Plan

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Meet the Steering Committee

Youth Commission Gets Involved in the Process

Youth Commission Gets Involved

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