York 2040 - Charting the Course

August 4, 2022

By Timothy Cross, Deputy Director of Planning & Development Services

Citizen input is an important part of every Comprehensive Plan review, so whenever we update the Plan, we include a Citizen Input chapter documenting all of the opportunities for citizen participation and summarizing the input received. The draft Citizen Input chapter for the current update was completed in June and is posted on the project website. The York 2040 Committee reviewed and discussed the document at its July 6 meeting.  Read on...

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Code of Virginia
Comprehensive Plan Elements
Average Annual Population Increase
Major Trends and Themes

Draft chapters that are completed have been made available here for citizen access. Chapters included to date are Broadband, Demographic Profile and Projections, Economic Development, Historic Resources, and Transportation. Read them here….Draft Chapters

A professional research company conducted a public opinion survey to support the development of York County’s Comprehensive Plan. The overall objectives for this study include:Survey Results

  • Identify key priorities for the Comp Plan
  • Identify the level of resident support for potential Comp Plan initiatives
  • To the extent possible, interpret results according to various demographic factors

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