Uniform Patrol


The Uniform Patrol Division of the York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office is responsible for answering calls for service, enforcing traffic laws, serving arrest warrants and legal process, and patrolling the highways and streets of York County as a visible symbol of law enforcement.

Division Staff

The Uniform Patrol Division currently has 4 shifts that consist of a Lieutenant, 2 Sergeants and 10 field deputies. Specialized Units within the Patrol Division, Emergency Response Team and the Bicycle Patrol, are used when a special situation or emergency arises.

The Uniform Patrol Division of the York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office stands ready to assist the citizens and businesses of York County.

Traffic Enforcement

Although the primary responsibility of the Uniform Division is to respond to criminal incident complaints and enforce criminal laws, in recent years an emphasis on traffic enforcement has begun as a response to the growing complaints of the citizens of York County. In 1993 the Sheriff's Office issued 403 traffic tickets. By 1996, that number had grown to 2767. In 2012, the Sheriffs Office issued over 2700 traffic tickets.

Residential radar enforcement and traffic light violations are the areas that citizens requested to be emphasized. The Sheriff's Office has responded to those complaints in 2 ways. In 2001, a traffic division was established and by requesting and receiving grants from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles to pay off-duty deputies to enforce these violations and not reduce the manpower available for answering criminal complaints and calls for service.