Can I operate a business in my home?

As a general rule, home occupations that do not have customer or client contact on the premises are permitted by right . Home occupations that involve on-premises customer or client contact usually require a Special Use Permit from the Board of Supervisors. There are exceptions - including photography studios, day care for up to 4 children, and tutoring or music lessons for up to 4 persons - all of which are permitted as a matter of right in the RC, RR, R33, R20, and R13 zoning districts.

Other home occupations that require a Special Use Permit include those that have non-resident employees or generate a parking demand for at least 3 parking spaces. Small contracting businesses in the RC, RR, or WCI zoning district also require a Special Use Permit. Prohibited home occupations include auto repair and servicing, funeral homes, gift shops, medical or dental clinics and restaurants. For a list of permissible and prohibited home occupations, see sections 24.1-282, 24.1-283, and 24.1-284 of the York County Zoning Ordinance. Use the York County Property Information System to determine the zoning designation for a specific address.

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