EMS Transport Cost Recovery

Program Details

Using a “service professionalism” philosophy, the York County Department of Fire and Life Safety strives to provide the best fire and emergency medical services possible to our citizens, businesses, and visitors. Our people, training, equipment, and professionalism enable us to give you around-the-clock quality emergency medical care. We do it with competence, compassion, and an intense sense of duty to the people we serve. We want our residents and visitors to know, without fail, that no one will ever be denied service because of a lack of insurance or an inability to pay. When you need emergency assistance, we want you to call 911 without hesitation.

Our EMS transport cost recovery program, or what is commonly known as EMS transport fee, is structured with concern for the medical and financial health of our County residents and visitors. The program has been designed to minimize out-of-pocket expenses for York County residents. As such, after patients’ insurance companies, Medicare or Medicaid are billed for services, we will waive remaining co-pays and deductibles for county residents. Uninsured County residents will be treated with compassion and provided with options to ensure financial hardship is avoided. There will be no charge for emergency medical care treatment if the patient is not transported. Our commitment to you is to provide the best EMS care possible-period. We are proud and privileged to do so.

Professional Service Commitment to Citizens, Businesses, & Visitors

The York County Department of Fire and Life Safety is committed to providing professional service that is second-to-none. When citizens, businesses, and visitors need help, the County wants them to call 911 without hesitation. Firefighters/emergency medical care providers have been given the best possible equipment and training to help them ensure your safety and well being. As a resident or visitor of York County, your insurance company, Medicare, or Medicaid will be charged for transport to a medical facility or other medical transport agency. The Department of Fire and Life Safety is committed to working with you to ensure that if you cannot pay your bill, you will not suffer financial hardship.

The men and women of the York County Department of Fire and Life Safety take great pride in the services that they render and will continue to provide the outstanding, professional, and compassionate care that you expect.