Mosquito Control

York County is committed to managing the mosquito population and educating the public to help keep our area safe and enjoyable.
Mosquito Dunks 2021

Mosquito Control Ground Spraying

Ground Spraying is conducted as weather conditions permit. 

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Tip & Toss

Mosquito Control reminds citizens that the best way to protect our community from mosquitoes is to prevent them from breeding. One of the most effective ways is by eliminating standing water around your homes. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in, or where there will be, standing water, and a bottle cap of water is all they need. Remember to Tip & Toss!

After every rainfall, tip out any standing water in flowerpots, planters, children’s toys, , buckets, tarps, corrugated downspouts, and anything else around your yard that can hold water. If it holds water and you don’t need it (old tires, bottles, cans), toss it out. Make sure water storage containers, such as rain barrels and buckets, are tightly covered or sealed to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water.


  • Dump bird baths so water isn’t standing in them for more than four days 
  • Clean out gutters
  • Remove piles of leaves out of ditches to keep water flowing
  • Keep vegetation cut low in shady areas to prevent resting sites for adult mosquitoes
  • Citizens are encouraged to cleanup yards and communities to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in roadside trash
  • Keep doors shut and cover windows with screens, and repair or replace any screens with holes in them
  • Use insect repellent containing DEET