Hurricane Season is June 1 through November 30. While uncommon, storms have been named in the months of May and December. Hurricane preparedness begins by identifying your personal risks. In a hurricane, the most prevalent life threatening risk is drowning. Determine if you live in a flood plain or Storm Surge Zone. If you do, then you must consider evacuation before and when advised by local officials.

Determine Your Risk

Determine Your Risk

Assemble Your Disaster Kit

Assemble Your Disaster Supplies
  1. Individual/Family Preparedness
  2. Prior to Storm's Arrival 
  3. If You Stay or Go
  4. Protect Your Home & Contents
  5. Recovery

Individual & Family Preparedness

Individual/family preparedness must occur before the hurricane strikes:

  • You should have a plan that addresses the risks and requirements of staying vs. evacuating.
  • Planning for special needs situations.
  • Planning for pets and their supplies. They can't go to shelters.