Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)


Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and successive safety responses,  additional CERT classes were postponed. Please stay tuned for future  announcements. 

 New courses will be offered in 2024.

The York County CERT Training program is an interactive program that promotes emergency preparedness at the individual, family and neighborhood level. The program helps citizens develop skills that may benefit them personally, their family and potentially their neighborhood before, during, and when recovering from a major emergency or disaster, while promoting neighborhood self-sufficiency until emergency services can arrive. If you are interested in attending an upcoming CERT training program, complete the CERT Participant Application (PDF) and the CERT Participant Memorandum of Understanding (PDF) and mail both documents to: 

York County Department of Fire and Life Safety
Attn: CERT Program
P.O. Box 532
Yorktown, VA 23690

Monday - Friday
8:15 a.m. - 5 p.m.
(Except Holidays)

Or send documents to the Fire Administration (Public Safety Building) located at:    

301 Goodwin Neck Road                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Yorktown, VA 23692

CERT Program Courses

  • CERT online curriculum course (taken prior to class/approximately 6 hours to complete)
  • CERT Orientation & Organization
  • Review Utility Control/Hazardous Materials; Review & Practice Fire Suppression/Review Triage
  • Review & Practice Search & Rescue/Triage
  • Review & Practice Medical Operations
  • Practice Search & Rescue/Triage/Medical Operations using Incident Command System
  • Practice Putting it All Together
  • Practice for Exercise
  • Final Exercise & Graduation

CERT program schedules are subject to change due to adverse weather conditions and/or other events/incidents that require deviation.