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Citizen Advisory Committee Application

  1. Citizen Advisory Committee

    The purpose and mission of the citizen advisory committee will be to bring any concerns in our community to our attention. We would like to enhance our communication and ask committee members for feedback. The best public programs and ideas usually emerge from the collaborative efforts of the community and Law Enforcement together. We are seeking a culturally diverse representation of our community. Each volunteer must genuinely represent our community and be able to meet quarterly or more often as needed. Sheriff Montgomery encourages citizens to be engaged and feels that the implementation of a citizen advisory committee can be vital to maintaining public trust and displaying transparency.

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  4. It is our intention to reflect diversity in the composition of this committee. For this reason, we request certain demographic information from applicants.
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    Please note due to the sensitive nature of some of the information concerning tactics and officer safety, individuals will have to successfully complete a criminal background check prior to appointment.
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