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Park Ambassador Inspection Report

  1. Park Ambassador Inspection Report
    Thank you for submitting your monthly Park Ambassador Inspection Report. These reports assist department staff in identifying areas of concern. Please give special attention to park safety and amenities in need of repair. We appreciate your commitment to safe and accessible parks, which in turn enhances the quality of life and expands resources in our community.
  2. Court / Field Areas (Surfaces, nets, fenced area, dugouts, etc.)
  3. Playground: (Broken features, safety, etc.)
  4. Picnic Shelters (Broken amenities, damage to roof, evidence of misuse, etc.)
  5. Restrooms (lighting, leaks, broken locks, etc.)
  6. Graffiti and Vandalism (Damage to trees, signs, signs of burning or public fires, etc.)
  7. Suspicious Activity (abandoned vehicles, homeless camps, vehicle tracks throughout the park, etc.)
  8. Lighting (burned out, broken, unlit, etc.)
  9. Trees (hazardous, fallen, unsafe, etc.)
  10. Trash/Litter/Debris Removal (overflowing, litter areas, etc.)
  11. Parking lot areas (signage, abandoned vehicles, etc.)
  12. Trails and Walkways (erosion, tripping hazards, etc.)
  13. Amenities (fountains, benches, pots, waste receptacles, etc.)
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