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Document Upload Portal

Forms and supporting documentation may be submitted electronically through the use of the document portal, unless otherwise noted.  To use the document portal, please follow these steps:

Fill out the applicable form and save the completed document.
Access the document portal
Complete the correspondence cover sheet.
Click the "Upload" button to browse and attach files to the cover sheet.
Verify the text in the ReCAPTCHA box.
Click the "Submit" button.

For assistance, please contact the applicable department:    
Business Tax (757) 890-3383
Personal Property (757) 890-3381
Real Estate (757) 890-3382

E-Commissioner Online Business Forms                    

 1. Business Tax Services
(New Business License Application-if applying for a "New Business License", please contact
890-3383; Renew/Add License Type; Change Mailing Address, Telephone Number or Email
Address; Report Business Relocation; Report Business Closure)

 2. Prepared Food and Beverage Tax Monthly Online Filing

 3. Transient Occupancy Tax Monthly Online Filing

 4. $2.00 Additional Tax of Transient Occupancy Tax Monthly Online Filing
(This form must accompany Form #3)

5. Certificate of Assumed or Fictitious Name
(Please file with the Office of the Clerk of the Commission)


Forms are in PDF format and must be accessed through Adobe software.
Download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat.

► Cigarette Tax Forms:
(These forms cannot be submitted electronically.  They may be hand delivered or sent by mail.)

 6. Cigarette Stamp Order Form

 7. York County Cigarette Tax Stamp Agent Registration

Business Forms Requiring Notarization:
(These forms cannot be submitted electronically.  They may be hand delivered or sent by mail.)

 8. Contractor State License Waiver Affidavit  

 9. Architect, Engineer or Land Surveyor State License Waiver Affidavit 

Business Forms Requiring Signature:
(To submit these forms electronically, the form must be printed and signed, then scanned, before being sent through the document upload portal.)

10. Application for Business License (Out of York County Contractors ONLY)

11. Application for Commercial-Based Business

12. Application for Home-Based Business

13. Application for Food Truck Business License

14. Application for Event Vendors Business License

15. Application for Barbers, Beauticians and Nail Technicians Business License

16. Consumer Tax Registration

Other Business Forms:

17. Short Term Rental Tax Quarterly Filing    

18. Worker’s Compensation Contractor’s Certification

19. Notice of Business Update, Relocation or Closure

20. Letter of Authorization

21. Itemized List for Sub-contractors

22. Tax Return of Business Tangible Personal Property

Personal Property Forms:

23. Vehicle Registration/Tangible Personal Property Filing

24. Registration Application for a Boat

25. Registration Application for a Mobile Home

26. Notice of Disposition or Relocation for a Vehicle

27. Notice of Disposition or Relocation for a Boat

28. Notice of Disposition or Relocation for a Mobile Home

Miscellaneous Forms:

29. Administrative Appeal of Local Mobile Property, Local Business Tax or BPOL
      (This form does not apply to vehicle appeals, please call 890-3381)

30. Address Change for York County Residents ONLY

31. Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled for Real Estate/Mobile Home Owners

32. Real Estate Tax Relief for Qualifying Veterans

33. Real Estate Tax Relief for Surviving Spouse of Members of the Armed Forces Killed in Action

34. Application for Tax Exemption for Military Service members and Legal Spouse

35. Concerned Citizen Report