Tax Relief for Elderly & Disabled

York County offers a program to taxpayers who are age 65 or older or permanently disabled, which exempts, or partially exempts the tax on their real estate or mobile home. To qualify for this program property owners must meet the following requirements:

  • Assets cannot exceed $220,000 (excludes residence, furnishings and ten-acres of land)
  • Be age 65 or older or permanently disabled as of December 31st of the year immediately preceding the current tax year
  • Must file an application with the Commissioner of the Revenue annually on or before April 1st
  • One owner incomes must be $55,000 or less ($65,000 or less if permanently disabled) and two owner incomes must be $55,000 or less ($65,000 or less if one owner is permanently disabled and $75,000 or less if both owners are permanently disabled)
  • Owner(s) applying must reside on the property

Real Estate Tax Relief

If you or anyone in your household is required to file a Federal Income Tax Return, a copy of Form 1040 must be submitted along with the application. Each individual must submit a copy of the Annual Social Security Statement/Annuity Statement, W-2 (s), 1099 (s), and any other statement providing the source of income, along with the application.

Certain other conditions may apply. Please call the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue at 757-890-3382 or print out a Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled for Real Estate/Mobile Home application (PDF).