Function & Responsibilities

The Office of Real Estate Assessment is responsible for the reassessment of all real estate within the County of York and receives its authority from the Code of Virginia and the Code of the County of York.
  1. Property Information & Sales
  2. Biennial Assessments
  3. Market Value
  4. Deeds of Transfer
  5. Reassessments

Property Information Search

Our office maintains a Property Information Search listing information about all real property within the county.

In this database we maintain all information pertaining to your property. We list characteristics such as:
  • Age of structures (if known)
  • Land size
  • Sewer and water availability
  • Size of buildings
  • Topography
  • Zoning
We encourage all property owners to review their records and contact our office if you have any questions.

Property Sales

Property sales information is updated monthly. Property owners are able to get information relating to the actual transactions that our appraisers have used to determine the assessed value of their property. We also find that individuals intending to locate in York County use this information to determine the price that they are willing to pay for property. Other professionals (such as realtors, insurers, appraisers, lenders, surveyors, title companies, etc) also contact us daily to get information relating to real property within the county.