Natural Disaster Debris Management

When natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding occur, such events pose a significant damage threat to the County Of York resulting in wide spread debris.  These damages can include but are not limited to, trees and vegetation, construction materials, appliances, personal property, mud, and sediment.  

In anticipation of a large-scale disaster, there are actions that residents can take to minimize the damage and property loss that can occur.

  • Prepare a disaster kit
  • Keep trees trimmed and remove dead or dying trees when they are first identified
  • Keep yards clear and well maintained
  • Regularly dispose of trash, chemicals, and other items no longer in use
  • Consider flood insurance

Natural Disaster Debris Management

In the event of a significant natural disaster, a large debris cleanup effort may be coordinated in order to return the community to normal operations.  This will occur after major roadways are opened, after emergency actions have been completed, and cleanup operations can safely be performed.   Residents should follow these guidelines:

  • Place all garbage carts and bags containing household garbage at the curbside away from all disaster-related debris for collection
  • Secure refrigerator and freezer doors with duct tape
  • Make sure that no debris blocks or protrudes into the road way
  • Share piles with neighbors
  • Do not place debris on top of water meters, gas meters or fire hydrants
  • Do not place debris directly around mail boxes, power poles, or other inanimate objects
  • Do not set debris against trees or poles. Doing so makes it harder for crews to collect the items
  • Do not place debris under power lines
  • In most cases, debris will not be collected from private property , so place debris within 6 feet of the edge of the pavement

By following these guidelines, large-scale cleanup efforts can be performed efficiently and effectively.   Please contact Waste Management Division at 757-890-3780 with any questions.