Subdivision Plans

Subdivision Plan Procedures (Development Guide, page 25)

Required Attachments/Documentation

Preliminary Plans (required for 51 or more lots)

Submittal Requirements 20.5-47

Plan Sheet Layout 20.5-49 / Appendix, Figure III-A

Development Plans (required for all subdivisions)

Submittal Requirements 20.5-52

Plan Sheet Layout 20.5-54 / Appendix, Figure IV-A

Final Plat

Submittal Requirements 20.5-57

Plan Sheet Layout 20.5-59 / Appendix, Figure V-A

Plat of Easement Dedication Layout Appendix, Figure V-B

Record Plat (Mylar)

Submission Requirements 20.5-61

Plan Sheet Layout, Appendix, Figure V-A

Preparation Standards 20.5-60

Lot Frontage Requirement 24.1-202

Lot Size Requirements

Computation of Buildable or Developable Area 24.1-203

Area Requirements for LOTS WITHOUT PUBLIC UTILITIES 24.1-204

Zoning District Minimums

Performance Standards of Residential Uses 24.1-401

Standards for Open Space Development (Cluster Techniques) 24.1-402

Special Provisions for Family Subdivisions 20.5-34

Design Standards 20.5, Article VI

General Layout and Design 20.5-66-88

Landscaping, Buffers and Screening 20.5-84

Streets and Roads 20.5-91-103

Performance (Subdivision Agreement and Surety) 20.5-106-110

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Wetlands - County Code, Chapter 23.1

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Stormwater Management - County Code, Chapter 23.3

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