Gail Whittaker

Public Affairs
Title: Public Information Officer/FOIA Officer
Phone: 757-890-3310
Gail Whittaker

About Gail Whittaker

Gail Whittaker, Public Information Officer, works to share important county information with citizens and visitors by issuing a variety of press releases to local news media, appearing on the county's cable television channel, and producing the county's quarterly newsletter, "Citizen News." In addition, the Public Affairs phone number is the main number for citizens to use when they have a question or concern. As a result, the office receives and responds to hundreds of phone calls each week covering a variety of topics.

Ms. Whittaker received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Christopher Newport University and her Master's in English/Professional Writing from Old Dominion University. She was hired in 1992 to work in the county's Public Information Office where she has remained throughout her employment.

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