Meeting Rooms

The Library's meeting rooms are governed by the York County Board of Supervisors' Policy BP94-14, Use of County Buildings. The Library has two meeting rooms available for organizations to use. There are 13 tables and 60 chairs available in the Yorktown Library meeting room. The Tabb Library meeting room has 80 chairs and 14 tables. Both rooms have a LCD projector and projection screen.

Use of Meeting Rooms by Organizations

  • The meeting rooms are available at no charge for public gatherings of cultural, civic and educational organizations.
  • They are not available for events of a social or personal nature (e.g. birthdays, parties, showers, funerals, receptions, banquets, recitals, playgroups, reunions, graduations, etc.).
  • The meeting rooms are not available for fundraising activities or dance/music recitals, unless the event is sponsored by the Library.
  • Groups are prohibited from charging admission or fees, accepting contributions, soliciting donations, or taking collections of any kind.
  • Groups, other than government groups, may schedule one meeting per month for a maximum of four hours. On the day of, or after, your current meeting, groups may schedule a meeting for the next month or a subsequent month within the next 90 days.
  • Groups can only have one meeting scheduled at any given time.
  • Room reservations may be made in person at the Library, by fax or via the online reservation system.

Use of Meeting Rooms for Business Meeting/Seminars

The meeting rooms may be used by businesses or professionals for the conduct of business or informational meetings or seminars provided that such events are open to the general public, no admission is charged and there is no implied obligation for attendees to obtain goods or professional services from the presenter. Business and professional users are required to pay the following fees and charges:
  • Reservation Deposit: $25 (creditable toward room rental fees). Reservations shall not become effective until the Reservation Deposit is paid. After receiving your room request, the Library will contact you concerning the required fees.
  • Room Rental Fee: $50 base fee, plus $15 per hour for every hour or portion thereof beyond 2 hours.
  • Extraordinary Clean-Up Fee: $50, or the actual cost if greater. Extraordinary clean-up is any clean-up that requires additional staff or specialized contractors or resources above and beyond that which is typical as a follow-up to a scheduled event.
  • Payment of Fees: Full payment of the required fees for the entire time slot reserved must be paid no later than 14 days in advance of the event date. No refunds will be made for cancelations unless written notice (letter or email) is given at least 7 days prior to the reserved date. Furthermore, no refunds will be made for fees associated with any unused portion of the reserved time.
  • Scheduling: Businesses or professionals may schedule one meeting/seminar per month. On the day of, or after, your current meeting, you may schedule a meeting for the next month or a subsequent month within the next 90 days. You can only have one meeting scheduled at any given time.

Reserve the Tabb or Yorktown Meeting Room

  1. Check the availability of the Tabb Meeting Room or Yorktown Meeting Room on the online Room Request Calendar. Applications made through the online calendar will take precedence over walk-in and faxed requests.
  2. Choose your submission method:
    • Online Application - Complete the online application for the Tabb Meeting Room or Yorktown Meeting Room by selecting a date (click on the number) on the Room Request Calendar. Select a time interval. Click "Continue." Type in the requested information about your group, and click "Verify Request." Review the information and then click "Submit Request." If you submitted an email address, you will receive an email stating that your request is pending. You will receive a second email when your request has been approved.

      Note: To enhance email privacy and security, all patrons must opt-in to receive meeting room confirmations by email. The verification email will have the subject line "Please confirm your email address." The verification link within the email will expire after 72 hours. For more information about the email verification process or to resend an expired link, visit the Evanced website.
    • Paper Application - Complete the meeting room application (PDF) . Availability may be checked on the Tabb or Yorktown Room Request Calendar or by calling the Tabb Library, 757-890-5109, or Yorktown Library, 757-890-5207, on weekdays between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Return the application to the Library in person or by fax to the Tabb Library, 757-890-5127, or Yorktown Library, 757-890-2956.
    • Application for Blind Persons - Complete the meeting room application for blind and visually impaired persons. Availability may be checked by calling the Tabb Library, 757-890-5109, or Yorktown Library, 757-890-5207.