Victim Witness Assistance Program

If you are a victim of, or witness to, a crime we are here to help you. Virginia law gives crime victims and witnesses many rights. We can help you understand your rights and know where to go for services. We can help you with:
  • Counseling
  • Explain what to expect in court
  • Food and Shelter
  • Go with you to court hearings
  • Keep you updated about your court case
  • Medical bills and other out-of-pocket losses
  • Medical/dental care
  • Refer you for help with:
  • Support Groups
  • Tell you about protection available to you

Crisis Cards

You can now access our Crime Victim and Witness Rights and Family Violence Crisis Cards online! This document contains an abundance of useful information for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, including a complete list of your rights as a victim, what type of assistance you are entitled to by law; information about protective orders; a list of important phone numbers to have on hand; and a list of questions to help you identify whether you are in an abusive relationship and how to seek help. Once printed, the document can be cut and folded into a small size, making it easy to store in a purse or wallet.
Please share this information with friends, family, neighbors and co-workers you feel it may benefit.

About the Program

The York-Poquoson Victim-Witness Assistance Program is located in the York-Poquoson Commonwealth's Attorney's Office. It was established in 1986 and is partially funded by a grant from the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

The current director, Anika Virgin, has been with the program since 2002. The assistant director, Lori West, has been with the program since 2009. The program also has a new full-time victim advocate position as well as a part-time program assistant position that were recently filled. Victim Witness also utilizes interns and volunteers to provide assistance.