Free Cyber Awareness Training:

If you attended the conference (or viewed online) and would like to leave feedback you can do so here.  Based on citizen feedback from the prior sessions we are investigating future in-person sessions open to all. In the meantime, you can view a recording of the presentation above.

We hope to share an updated video on additional content shortly.  In the meantime, you can reference the presentation here.


Below are reference documents to help secure your devices and electronic information. With almost two decades of IT experience, I’ve heard of many horror stories about people falling victim to IT scams, social engineering, viruses, or ineffective technical support. This is one of the few areas that when people are victims of malicious behavior, the police are very limited in the assistance they can offer. In addition, there is a severe lack of condensed, simplistic information available of how to protect yourself. That is the goal of these documents. Are they perfect? Absolutely not. Do they cover everything? Not even close. Are they simple, easy to follow, and go a long way in protecting the reader if implemented correctly? We hope so.

If you would like to coordinate a free in-person training for a group or organization please reach out to us at Please remember that we can’t give suggestions about your specific computer issue, that’s not a function of our organization (there are many successful businesses that focus purely on that). However, as a local government we feel uniquely suited to offering citizen awareness of cyber/Internet dangers and can share some common industry best practices to protect your devices and information. Above, you will find information about a free in person awareness training focusing on these topics in a high-level, easy to understand format. Ideally you can attend a presentation and then use these documents as reference material for more details and specifically how to implement these items on your devices.

A special thank you to the Virginia Information Technology Agency’s Fusion Center for a lot of the reference material below.

This information is presented as general purpose suggestions and the effects may differ on each device or based upon specific updates done to each device. The County of York assumes no liability to unintended results this may have on your specific device and will not assist in any issues that may arise from implementing these tips.  These resources are simply meant as general guidance to share information to assist each person in making their own IT networks more secure.  Use at your own risk.

If there is something you see that needs to be updated or some other information you would like to see posted you may contact us at  Please remember that while we cannot give support to any users particular systems or environment, we do hope these resources will assist in users' general IT safety.