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1. There is water backing up into my shower/toilets/sinks. Is there a sewer backup issue?
2. My home is not connected to the County’s sanitary sewer system, and I have a septic tank. How often should it be inspected?
3. Who do I call if there is stormwater rising from the stormwater drain?
4. What do I do if my ditches are flooding? Who do I call about a drainage problem?
5. Who do I call for billing?
6. My water was turned off for non-payment of a York County utility bill. Who do I call?
7. I just moved to York County. How do I start trash collection service or other York County Services?
8. How do I schedule a bulk trash collection?
9. What are the hours of operations for Waste Management?
10. Why didn't my trash get collected?
11. My trash container is missing or damaged. What should I do?
12. How do I dispose of my trash when not collected?
13. How does my trash get collected on a holiday?
14. May I put yard debris in my trash container?
15. Can I put my tires out at the curb for pickup?
16. Who do I call about snow removal? Who do I call to report a pothole/road issue?
17. Where can I get a building permit/building permit inspection?
18. How can I provide feedback on customer service?
19. If I am a contractor bringing waste or yard debris from my residence, do I have to pay?
20. How do I find out what flood zone my property is in?
21. What can I do to reduce flooding?
22. How does stormwater get treated?
23. What is an Illicit Discharge, and how do I report it?
24. How can I help reduce pollution?
25. What is TMDL?