Dave Lehman

Public Works
Title: Facility Maintenance Manager
Phone: 757-890-3834
Dave Leham

Mr. Lehman is the Facility Maintenance Manager, which operates under the County’s Department of Public Works.  In this role Mr. Lehman manages and oversees:

  • Construction, renovation, repairs, expansion and preventive maintenance of County buildings and support structures.
  • Roofing system maintenance & repairs at County facilities.
  • HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing & Structural system(s) maintenance, repair and replacement at County facilities.
  • Management of geothermal energy systems and Building Automation Control Systems.
  • Compliance with ADA in County facilities.

Mr. Lehman attended Regent University and Thomas Nelson Community College.  Prior to joining York County in 2000, Mr. Lehman served in the United States Navy Seabee’s for 20 years.


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