Janice Pulver

Mosquito Control / Drainage Control
Title: Mosquito Control & Stormwater Operations Superintendent
Phone: 757-890-3790
Janice Pulver

Janice Pulver, Mosquito Control and Stormwater Maintenance Operations Superintendent, graduated from James Madison University in 2014 with a BS in Geographic Science and a minor in Environmental Science.  Her past work experience includes National Park Service, Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS), Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey with the USFWS, Virginia Tech Shorebird Program, and neighboring Suffolk Mosquito Control.  She has experience in identification of larval fish species, shorebird studies, and she has participated in programs focused on protecting federally threatened and endangered bird species.  She began her career with York County as the Mosquito Control Technician in 2017, was promoted to Biologist, and later became the Operations Superintendent.  Janice’s GIS mapping background has contributed to York County’s ability to integrate technology into their daily operations. 


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