Is York County giving out vaccinations?

At this time York County is not in control of any vaccine or vaccination distribution. We have offered to make the Senior Center available to the Health Department for a vaccination clinic and Peninsula Health District officials have verbally indicated that they would like to do so. We have been told by them that it may become operational by the end of the month. At this point the only people that I am aware of having received vaccinations in York County are some health care workers and a good percentage of our firefighter/paramedics. (all in the “1A” category). Those people received vaccines at area hospitals.

We are working very hard to get a better understanding of how all of this is going to unfold in the coming weeks. It is not yet clear to us who would be sent to the Senior Center for vaccines, assuming the Health Department moves forward with our offer. At this time, we suggest that you continue to monitor not only the Health Department, but the county’s web site. As soon as we know anything for certain, we will report out over all of our communications platforms.

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