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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Phone: 757-890-3894   TDD: 757-890-3621   

Digital Data


120 Alexander Hamilton Blvd.
P.O. Box 532
Yorktown, VA 23690-0532
Phone: 757-890-3894
FAX:  757-890-3587
TDD: 757-890-3621
Office Hours:
8:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. M-F


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Digital map layers (vector or raster) are available for purchase in these file types:

  • ArcGIS Personal or File Geodatabase
  • ArcGIS Shapefiles
  • AutoCAD .dxf files

All York County data is in this coordinate system:  Virginia State Plane South - NAD 83 - Feet.

Layers are priced for sale in 3 ways:

  • Individual map layers, i.e. "Buildings", for a user-specified area $20.00/geographic unit (see NOTES)
  • Map layer "sets", i.e. "Planimetric" or "Topographic", for a user-specified area $40.00/geographic unit
  • Individual map layer for the entire County (pricing varies by layer) 


  • Topographic data is not sold for the entire County, only by the geographic unit
  • Pricing for user-specified areas is based on a 5,000' x 5,000' square (one geographic unit), but the purchase area does not need to conform to that size or shape.

The following layers are available for purchase: (Metadata, if available, can be viewed by clicking on the layer name)

Planimetric (as of 3/2009): ($20 ea./unit or $40 set/unit)

Topographic (as of 3/2007): ($20 ea./unit or $40 set/unit)

Tax Parcel (always current): ($20 ea./unit or $40 set/unit)

Environmental Management: ($20 ea./unit or $40 set/unit)

Governmental: ($20 ea./unit or $40 set/unit)

  • Election Districts
  • County Sites (common places)
  • Census Tracts
  • Zip Code Boundaries (generalized, not postal quality)
  • Zoning (entire County = $300)
  • Land Use (specify: Current, or 2035) (entire County = $100/ea)

Infrastructure: ($20 ea./unit or $40 set/unit)

Aerial Photography can be purchased through the State’s information technology agency VITA: