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Thursday, June 29, 2017

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Service Professionalism


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Our department serves as the County’s agency responsible for a broad array of emergency response services and emergency/disaster preparedness programs, as well as fire and injury prevention programs with the common goal of preventing emergencies from occurring, and helping the public be better prepared to deal with emergencies when they do occur. The provision of these essential and critical services to the citizens, businesses and visitors of York County is done by a group of dedicated men and women that are committed to the highest quality service levels and who believe in doing whatever it takes to effect an outcome that minimizes pain, suffering and loss to the extent possible. This is done through a long-standing culture of and commitment to “service professionalism” through a departmental program known as the “Three As” which reflect our commitment to:

• Attitude - maintaining an attitude of professional respect for the value of life and the dignity of others, the worth of caring, and the importance of helping others;

• Appearance - presenting the best possible professional appearance in self, apparatus and equipment and workplace which generates pride and confidence;

• Actions - demonstrating professional knowledge, skills and abilities. Actions that are deliberate and appropriate for the situation at hand and carried out with expedience, efficiency, courtesy, kindness, and respect for others.