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Aug 31

Teen Tuesdays: Spice Kit

Posted to Off the Beaten Shelf on August 31, 2021 at 12:00 AM by Elizabeth Land

Starting Sept. 1, teens can pick up free cooking kits that include a monthly spice and three recipes

YCPL Teen Cooking Kits will be available beginning September 1.Calling all teen chefs! Have you been wanting to try new spices and recipes but aren't sure where to start? YCPL can help! Starting September 1, we will be offering monthly cooking kits. Each kit will come with a featured spice and 3 recipes that use that spice. First up is dill. The recipes in the September kit are roasted dill potatoes, cucumber dill sauce, and dill crackers. After you make your amazing dishes, show them off! Tag us on social media with #ycplteenscook so we can all see what delicious things you're creating each month.

We'll have a new kit available on the first Monday of each month at both the Tabb Library and the Grafton Annex. If you have any questions, contact the Tabb Library Youth Services desk at 757-890-5110.

Mar 08

Science Kit: Engineer a Bridge

Posted to Off the Beaten Shelf on March 8, 2021 at 12:00 AM by Elizabeth Land

Science kits are back at the York County Public Library! This month's kit explores engineering and bridge design. Different shapes have different strengths. So, put on your thinking cap and think about what makes a strong bridge and what makes a weak bridge. 

Galloping Gerdie

The strongest type of bridge is a stone arch. However, these bridges are expensive to build and are limited in size and height. They are not the best choice when building over a very wide river that has a lot of big boat traffic. A suspension bridge is an economical way to build and they are easy to maintain and update over time. However, they must be built in specific way. Take a look at this video of a poorly designed suspension bridge:

To continue reading about how important engineering is to bridge design, as well as to get more information about our March Science Kit, click on "Continue Reading..." below.

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Feb 09

Teen Tuesdays: Among Us events & Sus books

Posted to Off the Beaten Shelf on February 9, 2021 at 12:00 AM by Elizabeth Land

Ever wonder what you could look like in cyan? Or think you can figure out who done it before time's up? Then have I got a game for you! We're celebrating the popular video game "Among Us" at the York County Public Library!

The library will host two Among Us-themed events in February 2021.

Among Us Scavenger Hunt
Want to test our Among Us skills in the real world? Crewmates have been let loose in the library! Stop by either the Tabb Library or the Yorktown Library between Feb. 15 and Feb. 20 to help us find our wayward crew. We suspect there's an imposter among them!

Among Us Game Night
Join us at 6 p.m. on February 24 on Zoom as we play “Among Us!”
Among Us has quickly become a breakout hit of 2020. The game splits everyone between crewmates and imposters. In order to win, you and the other crewmates must find the imposter and eject them from the game. If you are one of the imposters, it is your job to kill everyone else while making them believe you are a part of their team. Can you identify who is "Sus" and who is legit?
To see a list of sus books to read, click on "Continue Reading..." below.

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