York County Parks and Recreation offers an array of tennis programs throughout the year including leagues, lessons, tournaments, camps and more.
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Back Creek Park

York County's premiere tennis facility, Back Creek Park located in Dandy, offers some of the finest tennis courts in Hampton Roads. With 6 courts available, the park is the perfect place for league play, instructional lessons, camps, and recreational use.

​Kiln Creek Park

Kiln Creek Park
Tennis strategy: Returning first and second serves

The return is an important shot in any tennis player's game. There are different strategies and techniques you think about when returning a first or a second serve. Here are just a couple of quick tips to focus on a return of serve to help you improve your game.

When returning a first serve, go for the higher percentage shot to better set yourself up for the point. High percentage shots are hit crosscourt on your return when a serve comes in wide. Serves that come at the body or down the T should be returned to the middle of the court.

What do you do when you're faced with a second serve? Take a step in. Get ready to be aggressive and to hit that ball with depth and spin.
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Youth Tennis

Youth tennis lessons are available during the spring and fall. In addition, a number of summer tennis camps are offered in June, July and August. 

BEGINNER - For those who have had no formal tennis instruction, no playing experience or have experienced a long delay between lessons or playing. Lesson objectives are to introduce the skills necessary to play tennis, provide an overview of the rules and fundamentals and to explain the requirement for proper court etiquette, safety, and sportsmanship. With the very young players, activities will also include teaching appropriate movement skills plus pre-striking and striking skills. These lessons are geared to make the experience fun and learn basic tennis skills.

INTERMEDIATE - For those who have had success in past lessons and/or playing experiences and are ready to progress to the next level. Lesson objectives are to reinforce previous lessons learned and to facilitate more advanced stroke techniques and develop ball control and placement skills. 

Adult Tennis

Adult tennis lessons are offered at Back Creek Park Spring, Summer and Fall. Players ranging in all abilities are invited to join in on the fun. Classes meet 1 night a week consecutively for 4 weeks, weather permitting. 

Classes range from Beginner no experience, learn terms, rules and tennis strokes; Intermediate some experience, focus is on movements, tennis strokes, rules and scoring; and Advanced class which is for those experienced in playing in leagues and tournaments.  Focus will be on fine tuning the game and learning strategy.

BEGINNER No experience, learn terms, rules and tennis strokes

INTERMEDIATE - Some experience, focus is on movements, tennis strokes, rules and scoring


In addition, a multitude of leagues for men and women are offered, with formats ranging from singles, doubles, mixed doubles and more.