Purchase Map Layers

Digital Data

Digital map layers (vector or raster) are available for purchase in these file types:
  • ArcGIS Personal or File Geodatabase
  • ArcGIS Shapefiles
  • AutoCAD .dxf files
All York County data is in this coordinate system: Virginia State Plane South - NAD 83 - Feet.

Layers Are Priced for Sale in 3 Ways

  • Individual map layers, i.e. "Buildings," for a user-specified area $20/geographic unit (see NOTES)
  • Map layer "sets," i.e. "Planimetric" or "Topographic," for a user-specified area $40/geographic unit
  • Individual map layer for the entire County (pricing varies by layer)
  • Topographic data is not sold for the entire County, only by the geographic unit
  • Pricing for user-specified areas is based on a 5,000 feet x 5,000 feet square (one geographic unit), but the purchase area does not need to conform to that size or shape.

The Following Layers Are Available for Purchase (Metadata, if Available, Can Be Viewed by Clicking on the Layer Name)

Planimetric (as of 3/2009): ($20 Ea./Unit or $40 Set/Unit)

Topographic (as of 3/2007): ($20 Ea./Unit or $40 Set/Unit)

Tax Parcel (Always Current): ($20 Ea./Unit or $40 Set/Unit)

Environmental Management: ($20 Ea./Unit or $40 Set/Unit)

Governmental: ($20 Ea./Unit or $40 Set/Unit)

Infrastructure: ($20 Ea./Unit or $40 Set/Unit)

Aerial Photography can be purchased through the State's information technology agency VITA.