Mosquito of the Month

Scientific Name:  Aedes triseriatus, subgenus Protomacleaya

Common Name:  Eastern Treehole Mosquito

Adults of Aedes triseriatus are medium sized mosquito that have black and silvery-white coloration.  Adult females feed on a variety of small mammals and a few species of reptiles, particularly turtles. Females will readily bite humans and are very important in the transmission of La Crosse encephalitis virus in the United States. Larvae are mostly encountered in water-filled cavities of deciduous tree (tree holes) but are also occasionally found in water-filled man-made containers. In scrap tire yards, adults reach incredibly high numbers, as many as 60,000 females per acre in mid-summer. Aedes triseriatus has become an important urban mosquito because of its association with scrap tires. The flight range of adults is rather short and often ranges only a few hundred yards from the tree hole or tire pile where they are produced.

References:  Burkett-Cadena, N.D.  2013.  Mosquitoes of the Southeastern United States.  Tuscaloosa, Alabama: The University of Alabama Press. pp. 108-109.

This is an image of Aedes Triseriatus mosquito