Outreach Initiatives

York County Mosquito Control is constantly searching for ways to expand our outreach program. In addition to our award winning Elementary School Program and Educational Displays set up throughout the County, the Mosquito Control program offers other outreach initiatives.

Neighborhood Sweeps

In 2014, Mosquito Control staff began door to door neighborhood sweeps in areas with heavy or potentially heavy mosquito levels. Staff goes door to door distributing educational materials and insect repellents. We also interact with citizens and show them where they may be breeding mosquitoes in their own yards.
Personnel hanging mosquito information on neighborhood door

Mosquito Awareness Week

The last full week in June every year is National Mosquito Awareness week. During this week, among many other outreach activities, mosquito control staff distributes educational materials to citizens and staff of other departments. We believe it is important that all York County staff understand the importance of mosquito control. Finally, mosquito repellent plants are distributed to various businesses and citizens throughout the week.

Annual Tire Drives

Tires are a favorite breeding ground of the Asian tiger mosquito. In 2014, the first annual Tire Amnesty Drive was conducted. The goal of this program is to provide our citizens with an opportunity to dispose of this prime mosquito breeding habitat free of charge. When we promote the tire drive, we also educate our citizens on why it is important to properly dispose of tires. The tire drive is held annually in June.

Market Days

Mosquito Control staff participates in one Yorktown Market Days event per month from May - August. Staff distribute educational materials, show mosquito plant samples, and provide advice to our citizens and guests.