Checkpoints for Starting a Business

When you are wishing to start business in York County, the following checkpoints are recommended for you to take:

  • Zoning and Code Enforcement: All businesses are required to file for zoning clearance. The application is completed by the Commissioner of the Revenue's office and forwarded to the Department of Environmental and Development Services for final approval. Sign permits may be obtained through the same office and you must apply for a business license prior to the approval of such permit.
  • Site Plan: If you are constructing a new building or renovating an existing structure, you may need to prepare a site plan according to the York County Zoning Ordinance and submit it to the Department of Environmental and Development Services.
  • Building Permit: Plans for proposed new construction or renovation / alteration of existing buildings require issuance of a building permit. Plans must be submitted for review and approval.
  • Trade Name Registration: The Clerk’s Office of the State Corporation Commission is the central filing office in Virginia for all certificates of assumed or fictitious name.  Fictitious Name Certificates may be filed online through the Clerk's Information System (CIS).
  • Business Personal Property: File a Tax Return of Business Personal Property form (PDF). 
  • Business License: Apply for a business license, call 757-890-3383 for more information.
  • Worker Classification: Independent Contractor vs. Employee: Worker classification affects how you file your tax return and pay your federal income tax, social security and Medicare taxes. To assist you with determining this distinction, download the IRS Publication 1779 Independent Contractor vs. Employee brochure (PDF). For more information, please visit the IRS website.

The Office of Economic Development has created a "York County Business Resource Guide" to assists business owners and developers interested in locating or developing in the County. View the resource guide (PDF).