Mosquito Fish

Natural Control Methods

York County is committed to using natural control methods to reduce reliance on pesticide spraying for mosquitoes. We've implemented an aggressive fish management program by stocking Gambusia holbrooki, aka "mosquito fish," in artificial impoundments, ditches, ornamental ponds, borrow pits and stormwater retention ponds, and other places where mosquitoes breed.
Mosquito fish


This tiny fish devours mosquito larvae, reducing the numbers of adult mosquitoes. Gambusia holbrooki are considered native to this region and are commonly found in tidal areas and streams. They are related to guppies, and like guppies they bear live young. They are a hardy fish able to tolerate winter, over-crowding, and poor water quality.

Request Mosquito Fish

If you reside in York County and are interested in adding mosquito fish to your ornamental pond any other area of permanent standing water, contact us at 757-890-3790 for an evaluation. Mosquito fish are provided free of charge.

If you reside outside of our jurisdiction, please contact your local mosquito control, extension agent, or Virginia Game and Inland fisheries for further information.