The 2022 Personal Property Tax Rebates were applied to the 2022 2nd half bills as “Current Year Credits” for all qualifying vehicles*.

The Current Year Credits apply in the same manner as a payment and were applied to each account based on the formula used to determine the credit. (The formula included both an amount for the increase in value plus the decrease in the personal property tax relief percentage from the State.) 

The Current Year Credits will pay off the first item on the account in full and then apply the remaining credit to the next item until the credit is fully applied. If you have multiple items on an account, the credit will apply to the first item listed. Credits were applied by account number, not by item because they are applied like a payment. If any delinquent taxes were due the Current Year Credit applied to those taxes first. 

Other types of payments included in Current Year Credits are: pre-payments, overpayments, and abatements. If you prepaid taxes for the full year or a credit exists on your account that is over $5.00, a check will be sent within 90-120 days of the due date. 

Find out more about the Rebate here

*Qualifying vehicles are defined in Virginia Code section 58.1-3503(A)(3), (4), and (5).   Generally, passenger cars, trucks of less than 10,000 pounds, and vans assessed by either the J.D Power Official Used Car Guide (NADA) or the J.D Power Official Older Used Car Guide (NADA) are qualifying vehicles.  Farm machinery, manufactured homes, antique vehicles, taxicabs, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, boat and utility trailers, and boats are non-qualifying vehicles.