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Doing Business in York County

York County provides its citizens and businesses small town charm, coupled with first-rate municipal services and big-city amenities. Boating with friends on Chisman Creek, followed by a world-class performance at the Ferguson Center for the Arts, can be easily accomplished in a single relaxing Saturday. Children can still ride their bikes safely in charming neighborhoods and their parents can rest assured that the public schools are preparing them for admittance to top universities. This is why Money Magazine named York County as one of the Top 100 Education Buys and one of the Top 100 Places to Live in the Country.

Historic America

As part of the Historic Triangle, with Williamsburg and Jamestown, York County is blessed with American history that is second to none. As the plant manager of a Fortune 100 company located in York County commented, "living here has given my children a personal connection to Colonial America." Why not choose to live and work in a community that millions can only visit?

Education & Technology

York County's proximity to the College of William and Mary presents cultural, educational, and business opportunities. Access to the Port of Virginia, four interstate interchanges, and CSX Railroad result in a significant logistical advantage. NASA, Langley, Thomas Jefferson National Laboratory, the National Institute of Aerospace and the Virginia Institute of Marine Science are just a few examples of assets available for companies engaged in our evolving knowledge-based economy. For those companies in need of bricks and mortar, office and industrial space are readily available and affordable.

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