Hearing Sirens

Portions of York County are within the 10 Mile Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ) of the Surry Nuclear Power Station. These areas are concentrated to the North and West of Fort Eustis Boulevard and include portions of the Lackey, Bruton and Lightfoot areas of York County. Residents in these areas are alerted to an emergency at the power station by an outdoor siren.

If you hear sirens, you should tune in to your local Emergency Alert System (EAS) radio or television station for emergency information and instructions. The sirens are not a signal to evacuate. Your area may not be affected by an emergency, or you may be asked simply to remain indoors for a period of time. You will be given specific instructions about whether to stay inside, leave the area or take other protective action.

Siren Testing

The sirens are tested quarterly. During these routine tests the alerting signal produced by the sirens is a steady tone that lasts for three minutes. The alerting signal for an actual emergency will be four separate 3-minute activation's, each separated by one minute of silence.

Unscheduled Sirens Soundings

In the event that you hear a siren signal that is not a quarterly test or actual emergency notification, you may contact the York County Office of Emergency Management at 757-890-3600 for further information. Do not call 911. A report of an unscheduled siren sounding will be investigated and you will be informed of the status.

What To Do If You Hear Sirens

Listen for a steady 3-minute siren signal. The signal will be sounded 4 times within 15 minutes. Turn on your radio or television. The EAS stations will have the most timely and accurate information concerning the accident. Tune in to one of the EAS stations.