Mission & Vision


We believe that our mission is to:
  • Assist in the basic needs of our citizens.
  • Promote self-sufficiency.
  • Protect vulnerable children and adults.

Our Values

Customer Service

  • Thoughtful and Creative.
  • Courteous and Committed.
  • Understanding and Empathetic.

Team Work

  • Inspirational and Collaborative.
  • Goal Oriented and High Achiever.
  • Involved and Entrusted.


  • Intelligent.
  • Courteous and Helpful.
  • Honest and Kindly Expressive.


  • Optimistic and Positive.
  • Encouraging and Supportive.
  • Intuitive and Respectful.


  • Prepared and Involved.
  • Motivated and Responsible.
  • Engaged and Consistent.