Youth Commission Gets Involved in the Comp Plan

The Youth Commission learned a lot about the Comprehensive Plan and the benefits of long-term planning at one of its meetings this year.  County Administrator Neil Morgan along with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Victor Shandor, Deputy County Administrator Vivian McGettigan, and Deputy Director of Planning & Development Services Tim Cross, joined the teens to play a fun, educational game that helps demonstrate how a comprehensive plan can impact a community.

Separated into teams, the youth commissioners determined the services needed for their “community” such as reinvesting neighborhoods, walkable communities, recreational opportunities, community engagement, public transportation, etc.  As you can imagine, the commissioners were completely engaged in this process!  And then…..Mr. Morgan presented each team with a Wild Card – something that put a wrench in their community plan, which required the students to rethink their chosen services or the placement of them within their locality.

In the end, the youth commissioners offered important insight into what they would like to see in York County in 2040.

The viewpoint of teens and young adults is important to this process. And so, the Board of Supervisors appointed youth commissioner Jacob Rizzio to serve on the Comprehensive Plan Review Steering Committee.  Jacob is currently a sophomore at York High School and has been active in school and the community.  He represents an important demographic in the County and his perspective surely will be meaningful as the Comprehensive Plan is evaluated and a draft plan is proposed.

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Jacob Rizzio - Youth Commissioner

Jacob Rizzio, York County Youth Commissioner