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The Manager and Supervisor Spotlight is designed to help support lead employees, supervisors and managers as they work to develop leadership skills. 

The topic is updated monthly and each is archived for your reference; you can access past Manager and Supervisor Spotlights from the bottom of this page.

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MARCH 2019


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  • A video from, “What is the Meaning Of Work?” In this 11 minute talk, leadership expert venture capitalist Roy Bahat shares what he learned during a two-year research odyssey to discover what motivates people, and why we work. In this conversation with curator Bryn Freedman, he shares what he learned, including some surprising insights that will shape the conversation about the future of our jobs. Prior to becoming a venture capitalist, Bahat founded start-ups, served as a corporate executive at News Corp. and worked in government in the office of New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

  • An introspective Interpersonal Skills Self-Assessment - Interpersonal skills are fundamental to successful relationships at home, at school, at work and socially. The questionnaire includes sections covering the following areas: listening skills, verbal communication, emotional intelligence, working in groups and teams. The skills self-assessment will help you to understand how well developed your interpersonal skills are and identify areas that you can practice and improve.

  • A link to an article from Harvard Business Review, “Give Your Employees Specific Goals And The Freedom To Figure Out How To Reach Them.” The human brain is wired to favor routine over novelty. Even if routines are unhealthy, it’s pretty hard to stop from doing them! When it comes to setting goals we’ll actually achieve, habits are our most powerful tool. Help to encourage your employees to track their time spent working toward goals and create an environment that helps them to build better habits.

  • A free 90 minute webinar, “Team Effectiveness What Is It Any Way?” from HRDQ-U. This is an hour-long free webinar about the Team Effectiveness Profile (TEP). TEP is a diagnostic instrument designed to assist groups in improving their output and work satisfaction. Under normal circumstances, issues that block a group’s effectiveness may not be apparent. Issues that remain undisclosed can drain a group’s energy and undermine its productive efforts.