Court Security

About the Division

The Civil/Court Security Division is located at the York County/City of Poquoson Courthouse. The division is composed of 1 Captain, 1 lieutenant, 1 sergeant, 3 civil process deputies, 2 part-time and 11 full-time court security deputies and 1 administrative assistant. The duties of these deputies are divided into 2 distinctive areas of responsibility; courthouse security and civil process.

Courtroom Security Responsibilities

The bailiffs and courthouse security deputies are directly responsible for the overall security of the Courthouse, the judges, all offices and employees within the building, visiting citizens, and with maintaining order in the 4 courtrooms located in the courthouse. Their duties also include manning the metal detectors at the entrance to the building, transporting and guarding prisoners who have been brought to the courthouse for hearings, serving papers issued by the courts, monitoring video cameras strategically placed throughout and around the building, and monitoring and controlling numerous security doors throughout the building. Some of these duties are carried out from a control room in a secure area of the building.