• Welcome sign
  • A play town set up in a gym.
  • Children wearing life jackets
  • Children learning from a police officer
  • Kids laying down on mats
  • A child laying on mats.
  • Kids standing with a person in a dog costume.
  • Children sitting in a classroom.
  • Children learning about seat belt safety.
  • Children climbing into a fire truck
  • Kids in a truck
  • A man serving popcorn.
  • A child playing in a playground.
  • Children learning
  • A police officer and Sparky
  • Children crossing the street
  • Kids learning about fire safety.
  • Bicycle helmets
  • A police officer teaching kids about gun safety.
  • Children sitting on the floor
  • A police office teaching a small child.
  • Stuffed animal germ
  • A firefighter making a presentation to children.
  • Children playing on carts
  • A children learning about electrical safety.
  • A bulletin board in a hallway.
  • A woman making a presentation.
  • Puppet show
  • A child being awarded a certificate.
  • Children coloring
  • Children waiting on a school bus
  • Children playing with police officers
  • Red backpack
  • A child and an adult talking on the phone.

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