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Saturday, July 29, 2017

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Phone: 757-890-3720
TDD: 757-890-3621
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The Office of Real Estate Assessment is responsible for the reassessment of all real estate within the County of York and receives its authority from the Code of Virginia and the Code of the County of York. Our office maintains a Property Information Search listing information about all real property within the county. In this database we maintain all information pertaining to your property. We list characteristics such as land size, size of buildings, the age of structures (if known), sewer and water availability, topography, zoning, etc. We encourage all property owners to review their records and contact our office if you have any questions.

In accordance with the Code of the County of York, we are required to conduct a biennial reassessment. Every two years we conduct a general reassessment of all real property within the county. Property information is continually updated and new values assigned. The effective date of each reassessment is January 1st of each even numbered year. The next general reassessment will take effect on January 1, 2016.

 Our office is required by the Code of Virginia to value all real estate at 100% of its market value. Market value is generally accepted to be the price paid by a willing buyer to a willing seller, neither of which is unduly motivated to complete the transaction. Market value is determined by analyzing current activity in the real estate market. Our appraisers continually review sales activity within neighborhoods (areas of reasonably comparable properties) and use those transactions as guidelines to establish assessed value. Whenever real estate changes ownership in the county, the transfer is concluded with the recordation of a deed of transfer in the Courthouse. Deeds of transfer are also considered public information and are available to the public by visiting the Courthouse in Yorktown Village. Information pertaining to transfers is incorporated into our database, the sale prices verified, and the results compiled, giving an indication of market value within a neighborhood or market area. The Code of Virginia also requires that similar properties shall have a similar assessment. This requires our office to assign similar assessed values for like properties.

The Code of Virginia requires that reassessment notices be mailed to the owner of record for each property in the county, after the reassessment is completed. On this notice we list the owners name, legal description, property address, and the new assessed values. The notice also has instructions for contacting our office if you have questions regarding how the new assessed value was determined.  

The Code of Virginia also allows for periods for review of assessments. We list on the reassessment notices, the dates that administrative reviews are conducted by our office. During this period you may contact our office to make an appointment to meet with the appraiser responsible for determining values in your area. The Code of Virginia also allows for a second step in the review process. This involves a hearing before the Board of Equalization. This board is comprised of five individuals that are citizens of the county, nominated by the Board of Supervisors and appointed by the Circuit Court. The Code of Virginia also requires that at least thirty percent of the members of the Board of Equalization be knowledgeable real estate professionals. This panel has the legal right to review and make changes to values assigned by our office. The Code of Virginia also allows for a third step in the review process. This involves a hearing before the Circuit Court.  

Property sales information is updated Monthly. Property owners are able to get information relating to the actual transactions that our appraisers have used to determine the assessed value of their property. We also find that individuals intending to locate in York County use this information to determine the price that they are willing to pay for property. Other professionals (such as realtors, insurers, appraisers, lenders, surveyors, title companies, etc) also contact us daily to get information relating to real property within the county.