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The York County Department of Fire and Life Safety understands the importance of providing services in addition to those that everyone associates with the fire, rescue, and EMS services provided to our community. We strive to offer additional services that provide valuable information and interaction between our members and the citizens, businesses, and visitors that we serve. We have chosen to refer to these services and programs as "Value Added Services."  If you have a question or would like additional information about any of our "Value Added Services," contact us by email at or by calling 757-890-3600 Monday - Friday between the hours of 8:15 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.

Victim & Family Assistance Program

Provides information and support services to victims and/or family members after or during emergency medical care; includes care of victim and family through a serious emergency event; includes resource booklet to assist citizens.

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After the Fire Assistance Program

Provides information and support services to victims of serious fires; includes information on next steps with dealing with the aftermath of a serious fire; includes resource booklet to assist citizens.

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“Neighbors Helping Neighbors” – Neighborhood Fire Station Volunteers

Provides trained supplemental fire and rescue staffing for each of the County’s fire stations and at special activities/events; in addition, citizens can volunteer to provide other unique services and/or support functions.

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Blood Pressure Monitoring

Free blood pressure checks on demand at any conveniently located Neighborhood Fire Station.

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Medical Information Card

Bright yellow card for purse/wallet with important emergency information and a place to record blood pressure checks.

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Fire Station Tours

Age appropriate tours of Neighborhood Fire Stations, apparatus and equipment; can be tailored to specific requests.

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Equipment Visits

Visits to display apparatus and equipment or demonstrate skills for public information and educational purposes.

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Fire Extinguisher Training

Hands-on classes provided upon request to train adults in the proper use of portable fire extinguishers (cost of extinguisher refills only).

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Providing Assistance to Life Safety (PALS) Program

Fire and Life Safety members install smoke detectors and/or batteries in homes that otherwise could not afford them or where occupants are not physically capable of installing them.

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Childseat Awareness and Restraint Education (CARE) Program

Free child safety seat inspections and instruction on proper installation is provided at various fire stations and special events; information on proper use of restraint systems for children; information on product alert/recalls affecting child safety seats. Proper installation requires a certified technician; therefore, we ask that you please contact Fire Administration at 757-890-3600 to schedule an appointment for installation.

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Juvenile Firesetter Education

An age appropriate, structured educational program designed to help children caught in inappropriate behavior with fire learn about its dangers and proper use; requires participation in multiple sessions; involves both the child and the parent.

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Educational program teaching fire and life safety education along with other safety lessons to second graders in York County’s public school and participating private schools; a trained and certified Fire and Life Safety Educator provides a series of lessons to each class during the school year.

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File of Life

Cooperative effort with the York County Sheriff’s Office and various civic groups and businesses to provide citizens with an easily identified magnetic pouch to hold critical patient medical information in case of emergencies; the pouch is attached to the outside of the refrigerator in easy view of emergency responders.

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“NEIDS” Program

Program that utilizes neighborhood groups/associations and/or contacts as “conduits” through which emergency/disaster incident recovery information and/or information is disseminated to individuals with assistance and support using “neighborhood fire stations” and personnel.

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“Fire Station Community Assistance Liaisons”

Program that assigns a Fire and Life Safety member (may be a volunteer/support member) to remain at the fire station during major emergencies and/or disasters and when a large geographic area of the County is affected so that the public has a focal point in their community to get information on infrastructure restoration, to report emergencies and outages, etc.

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"Tools to Prevent Tragedies" Campus and Student Fire Safety 

The “Tools to Prevent Tragedies” Campus and Student Fire Safety program is regularly conducted for graduating seniors and their parents in each of York County’s high schools near the conclusion of the school year. The program includes a letter from the Fire Chief along with a Campus Fire Safety “Get Out and Stay Alive” (FEMA) brochure, to the parents of all of the high school seniors.  In addition to the brochure, this letter emphasizes the overall importance of campus fire safety, it provides the “igot2kno” website and also informs them about when the “Get Out and Stay Alive” campus fire safety video will be aired on our local government access channel.

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